Website Design

Award Winning Website Designs

Let us do the digital heavy lifting for you. We build websites that are not only responsive and modern to reflect the quality of your service, but that are also optimized for lead and sales conversion. The Contractor Marketing Gurus is your go-to website design company in Florida!


Most of your users will be on a mobile or tablet device. It is important to have a clean responsive website design for each device


An outdated looking website communicates an outdated service provider and may deter customers. We provide a modern look and feel to your design!

Conversion Optimized

All of our websites are built for lead conversion and are optimized with proper call to actions. This helps convert traffic into actual leads.

We Build Websites That Convert Business

Insight Into Website Design

So many professionals in the contracting space don’t make the most of their online presence, plenty of contractors still do not have websites at all! In years past the primary method of marketing for most contractors was word of mouth; they provided great, high quality service and received most of their leads from satisfied customers. While this is still a great method for generating business, it isn’t enough to be the primary driver of sales.

In the modern age, brand recognition and lead generation has moved to a surprising new source: Google! People are searching for hundreds of thousands of things every minute on Google, in fact most consumers have taken to turning to Google for finding the products or services they need locally. This is the perfect opportunity for contractors of all kinds, professional contractor services are among the most highly requested on Google! However, before any of these marketing is able to take place, a proper, functional web-site has to be designed and built out to give your online presence a strong foundation to build upon. Web design can be tricky and technical; Contractor Marketing Gurus has worked with contractors nationwide to produce aesthetic, functional websites perfect for getting your online brand up and running.

Choosing a Builder

Web design has been branded as a do it yourself process for years now, with companies like GoDaddy and Wix offering DIY website builders aimed at getting business owners to build out their own websites. Imagine someone trying to do your service themselves. Not the same outcome! While these solutions are enough to throw something up on the internet, these website builders produce woefully inadequate sites. A good website platform not only delivers an aesthetic website, but a functional one as well. Contractor Marketing Gurus works exclusively with WordPress to build out our websites for a couple of reasons

WordPress Builds Functional Websites

WordPress is an open source software, What this means is that it is free and anyone can download the builder and make modifications or changes. Thousands of users produce these add-ons and plug-ins daily, who knows software better than those using it daily? These plug-ins add a significant amount of functionality, from helping websites load faster, custom pop ups, special footers and headers; WordPress has access to it all.

Easy to Use

While we create and optimize your website, you’ll still want to be able to access it and be able to post blogs or add small things. WordPress is beyond user friendly, everything is laid out on the backend to make user navigation easier. Want to add an extra, personalized blog post? Go to posts and click add new! A website is useless if it’s hard and time consuming for you to do anything on it.