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Top Social Media Posts Ideas for Home Builders

Posting a social media update is important as it helps build brand awareness, and keep your target demographic informed. Social media can be a great source of traffic for home builders. Here is a collection of home builder social media posts that you can use to promote your business.

You are always looking for better ways to grow your home-building business. Social media is an effective marketing tool. But once you have signed up for Facebook, Instagram, and all the rest, how do you post?

These 13 great examples of social media from homebuilders are a great way to get tips on how to keep your social media interesting and fresh.

#1: Get Branch Out

While Facebook is the most popular social media platform, it’s not the only one. There are many platforms you can post to. Your basic options include Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. You don’t have to create an account on every platform. Start with one account and start posting regularly. Then, you can slowly expand your network as you have the resources and time.

#2: Put Your Best Foot Forward

There are likely a few projects you are proud of. These could be homes that were beautiful and turned out beautifully. These gems should be highlighted on your social media. You will be able to draw attention and get shares, and your reputation as an outstanding builder.

#3: Use Hashtags – Wisely

Hashtags can be delicate. Hashtags are a great way to be found by people through the use of relevant keywords. You can use a few of them in your posts to create a playful, engaging vibe that is on-trend and fun. If you add a dozen to every post, your post will become cluttered and irritating. Keep it simple and pertinent.

#4: Get Personal

Post pictures of happy customers (with their permission). Your customers want to connect with reality. People want to know what your business is really like. They want to hear from others, but they also want to see real faces and real businesses behind your brand. Don’t just talk – show people what you can do for them.

#5 – Ask Questions

Comments, likes, and shares are the best social media gold – but you have to get people to stop scrolling. You’ll build relationships with customers by getting a response to your posts. This idea can be used in many ways, including surveys, quizzes, or asking for opinions about a topic related to home building. Ask for comments!

# 6 – Be a “Know-It-All”

Home builder social media posts can be entertaining, informative, persuasive, or salesy. Each has its place. Trust is key to building credibility and gaining long-term customers. Don’t forget to educate your customers and referrals through social media.

#7: Share the Good

Did you ever volunteer for a charity? Your social media platforms should highlight your charitable efforts! This will give your company a positive reputation and build trust. Your consumer and business viewers care about what kind of impact your brand has on the world. So, they will feel closer to you if they see your charity efforts.

#8 – Pick a Winner

A good contest is a winner for everyone. You’ll also get more traffic to the website if people link to your post in order to participate.

#9 – Inspire

Your customers view home building as an emotionally-charged project. For many, it is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. If you can recognize this deep connection and make it meaningful, your customers will refer others and you’ll have a great reputation. You can connect with customers by sharing inspirational quotes, photos, and thoughts.

#10 – Be a People Person

Your employees are important to your company and do great work. Give them a shout-out every now and again! This is a unique way to show your company that you care about them. Customers want to feel that they will be dealing with people, not just a company.

#11 – Link Your Social Media

You may have many customers who only follow you on one or two of the social media platforms you have accounts on. Everyone should know that you are everywhere and that different things happen on different platforms.

#12 – Don’t Be All Business

Sometimes it is nice to simply say hello to your followers, without any call to action or promotion. Although it may not sound like good business practice, this will make your company account more personable and welcoming and help build trust. We appreciate posts that wish customers a Merry Christmas or a warm hello on Monday mornings.

#13 – Have a Sense of Humor

Do not be afraid to make a joke from time to time. A sense of humor can help people connect with you and your company. For Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, funny jokes and memes make great posts. You don’t have to make them yourself. A quick Google search for “homebuilder jokes” will bring up plenty of ideas.

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