Contractor Lead Generation

Top Contractor Lead Generation Strategies

You’ve decided to go with a contractor for your construction project. The next step is to increase the number of leads you receive on a weekly basis. However, without an understanding of sales lead generation strategies, and contractor marketing tactics that work in the industry, you may not be able to reach your goal. Lead generation works, but it isn’t always easy. Are you letting opportunities slip through your fingers? Make sure to talk to Contractor Marketing Gurus, the best contractor lead generation team out there!

The Foundation: Increase Your Lead-Gen Opportunities By More Than 500%

  • Strategy – 538% more likely to generate leads if company owners document their lead generation strategy than those who don’t. This is just a bird’s-eye view. Let’s move to a more tactical level and get on the front lines.
  • Techniques – 466% more likely to generate leads if company owners document their lead-gen processes than those who don’t. This is great. We still have to dig deeper.
  • Goals – Last but not least, owners who have set goals for lead generation are 429% less likely to generate leads than those without. 81% have achieved specific goals.

Make Your Website a Lead Generation Machine

Your website is the center of all your online lead generation efforts.

Customers will search for you online. That is, on their smartphones, tablets, watches. Crazy times. A website that is outdated in this market would be like a sales representative who cannot count to ten without taking his shoes off. Remember, your website should be your digital CSR.

Enhance Your Google My Business & Facebook Pages

Sales friction refers to anything that makes it difficult for customers to do business with your home improvement company. Slow response times, poor website user experience, slow pages, and no “click to contact” buttons.

It is important to reduce sales friction on your online platforms. Customers will not have to visit many sites before they find a way to contact you. Instead, they will land on your Google My Business or Facebook page. After reading your reviews, they will be able to talk to your company to find out more and book appointments.

Make sure your pages are loaded with social proof to convert leads as quickly as possible. This is what makes them want to do business with your company, aside from your digital CSR.

Review sites are trust bombs that explode every time someone visits them. It gives you credibility and social proof. 

Plug In Your Contractor Lead Leaks

Depending on your company, a single home improvement lead can represent hundreds to thousands of dollars in new revenue.

Poor lead conversion strategies (or none at all) can lead to a lead leak, where many leads slip through the cracks. They aren’t followed up on or kept waiting for hours, sometimes even days, etc. This could easily lead to thousands upon thousands of dollars going unaccounted for every month.

This is a simple solution to that problem:

1. Get in touch with your leads right away

2. Text your leads immediately

3. Email your leads immediately

4. For 10 days, call your leads each day

5. Email/text your leads twice in addition

6. For unscheduled leads, establish a monthly long-term follow-up

The Email Campaign

Email marketing ROI can be amazing. It’s important to do it correctly, and it’s not always easy.

This is what we did. We created a newsletter. We gave away items we knew our customers would value in this newsletter. They wanted things they really valued. The giveaway should be appropriate for the audience to which it is being given.

Work With a Contractor Lead Generation Company

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