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Why Is Facebook Advertising Important For Your Business?

For any business looking to grow, advertising has been the time tested way to scale to new heights. Advertising has taken many forms over the years and has transformed dramatically. Magazines and other printed materials are still effective but they have their limits. You can only ever target based on general readership or by people physically passing by and noticing your ad. Now however, we have 10,000+ different metrics social media lead generation can pinpoint to find your best customer! This has increased the ROI of businesses taking their advertising online. This also increased the predictability to grow their business upon.

With an unlimited stream of leads and the ability to show those potential customers your services over and over again, the potential of your business is only limited to your vision. Tying the leads together with a strong follow up process is the best way to keep your team accountable to achieve your full vision.

Social Media Advertising isn’t just for the big hitters like franchises anymore. Local contractors are using social media ads to boost their online presence and take their operations to the next level!

What Even Is Social Media Advertising?

Go on any social media platform and you’ll find ads in between every single post you see, before videos play, on the sides of screens, and so many other places. These companies make their money by using the data they gather through their users and allowing advertisers to reach them. The one thing these social media companies have that traditional channels can’t match is the ability to have behavioral advertising. That is, the ability to take 10,000 plus metrics on the platforms users to find the best person for your business to advertise to out of millions!

That’s why digital and alternative media advertising rose 12.6%, far outpacing traditional media’s 3.3% growth in 2021! Social media advertising and lead generation focuses on getting the best results and highest ROI for your ads with the right messaging, targeting, and lead flow. That way, you have a steady stream of leads to grow your business upon for the foreseeable future!

What Encompasses A Successful Social Media Advertising Strategy?

There are six aspects to a successful Social Media. It starts with understanding how each social media platform’s algorithm works and how it finds the best person to show your ad. Once you understand how social media ads find the right people to target, you can start using these platforms to maximize the return of your advertising spend.

Identifying Ideal Client

First we need to figure out who we’re targeting with our offer. We need to know their fears and desires so we can position our offer in an appealing way to our target audience.

Campaign Objective Selection

Not all ads are equal online. Choosing the outcome you want to happen with your advertising campaigns is key to getting the results you want.

Targeting Audience

Although Social Media advertising has machine learning algorithms to help us, we still need to select specific areas, languages, and platforms we want to advertise on.

Writing Compelling Copy

Writing an attention grabbing hook, conveying a compelling message, and adding a call to action can make or break the success of your campaign.

Creating Images/Videos

Using only text won’t capture attention with social media ads. Creating eye catching pictures and videos is what converts on social media.

Split Testing

Writing one ad with one picture and expecting the best results is crazy talk. We test multiple images, videos, copy, descriptions, and audiences to get the best results.