Social Media for Contractors

Social Media for Contractors

Social media for contractors is an essential marketing strategy for home improvement companies. If used correctly, social media marketing can be leveraged to grow your brand as well as deliver qualified leads.

Companies that work in the commercial sector tend to be reluctant to use social media marketing. It’s common to believe that people don’t care about seeing a project like a construction site on Facebook. 

It is a brave new world. It seems social media is not always the best fit for construction firms. Social media marketing can be a great tool to help you market your construction business, build industry authority and brand awareness, and get the word out. Let us tell you why and how.

How Construction Companies Can Get Started With Social Media Marketing

It can be difficult to get your social media marketing strategy started. The hardest part for construction companies is just getting started. These steps will help you structure your construction company’s social marketing so that it’s easy to follow.

1. Set a Goal

Goal setting is the key to social media for contractors. Although social media marketing can be a powerful tool for your company, it is only effective if you are able to understand the platform and your goals. Also, you need to know how to measure your progress toward your goals.

Let’s take, for example, if you’re looking to start a Facebook page. You want to spread the word about your construction company, and the quality of the projects you are building.

Although it is great to get clicks and visitors from your Facebook page, it doesn’t give you an accurate measure of your awareness goal. Instead, you should measure impressions and visits. What number of people are viewing your posts? Are your posts getting shared? You’re closer to reaching your awareness goal the more visible you are.

Setting goals and tracking progress are key to ensuring your social media marketing strategy produce the right results.

2. Choose a Platform

We now move on to the next step: choosing a social networking platform. Different social media platforms for contractors may produce different results. Each social media platform offers different features and advantages. It is important to select the right platform for your company’s social media marketing needs. Below is a list of the top social media platforms that construction companies can use, along with their goals.

  • Facebook – Great for general awareness. Facebook is a great place to start if you want to spread the word about your company and gain more attention to your brand and projects.
  • LinkedIn – An intelligent choice for commercial construction firms. This content is targeted at professionals and can be used to increase brand awareness and drive conversions.
  • Houzz – Ideal for construction companies who have direct contact with consumers. Houzz is an excellent place to establish yourself as an authority in your field. Houzz offers many opportunities for construction professionals to interact with consumers directly to offer advice and build their reputation as authorities in the industry.
  • Instagram – A great place to showcase your work and increase brand awareness. This is a great place to share before and afters, highlight new products, and showcase beautiful work. This is a great place to grow your brand.

We recommend that you only start with one platform. Consistent, high-quality posting is the key to social media marketing for construction firms. Don’t make a big commitment if your company is just starting social media marketing. You should start with one platform at a time, not two, and then focus on building your audience there before expanding.

3. Post Consistently

As I stated, consistent and quality posting is the key to social media marketing success. To get started, post at least twice per week. Be intentional about what posts you make. While I won’t cover everything, different types of posts receive more attention on different platforms.

Facebook will likely limit the reach for posts it considers marketing. Instead, it will prefer “meaningful content”, or content that brings people closer, to be promoted. A post about your company’s success won’t have the same reach as a photo of you or a project that you have completed recently.

Let’s Talk About Growth!

Aside from home builder social media posts, you need to define your marketing goals in order to be successful in your home building business. Why not differentiate your business with a contractor marketing agency? Contractor Marketing Gurus has the experience and award-winning strategies to make your business stand out from your competitors. We got you covered!

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