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Why Search Engine Optimization Is Important For Your Business?

Marketing businesses is a concept that’s as old as time itself. People have been marketing their skills and services for as long as they’ve performed them. In the past, marketing for contractors has revolved around word of mouth and physical activity. While these forms of marketing are still extremely popular and help build your brand in your local community, a lot of business in the modern age has transitioned into the digital world. An amazing amount of customers turn to Google to find your service every second of the day, and hundreds of thousands of search keywords are entered on a daily basis.

Everything in the contracting space, from roof work, home work, plumbing, handyman work, and anything you can think about is searched for on Google constantly. Contractors are already jumping on this opportunity. Bringing in leads and revenue through Google is something that is long-term and organic, all without the use of expensive pay-per-click (PPC) advertising! Search engine optimization (SEO for short) isn’t just for the big hitters like franchises anymore. Local contractors are using SEO to boost their online presence and take their operations to the next level!

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What Even Is SEO?

Google anything…let’s take “roofing company in houston” as an example. The first results at the top are known as paid results, also known as Google adwords or pay per click. These advertisements are expensive as you have to pay Google a direct fee for every click the link receives. On top of that, ask yourself: how often do you actually choose to click paid ads when you’re on a Google result page? 80% of your potential customers scroll past these ads and make buying decisions on the map or underneath the map.

Google maps and these organic results underneath are important. They are crucial for attracting local Google traffic that converts into leads and sales. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a service that focuses on ranking your website #1 on Google when your potential customer is searching for the specific contracting service that you provide.

What encompasses a successful SEO Strategy

There are several aspects to a successful SEO strategy. It all starts with understanding Google’s complex algorithm and how it ranks websites in the order it does. Once you understand the several ranking factors that Google looks for, you can start manipulating the algorithm in your favor to rank #1 for the contracting service that you offer.

Keyword Research

First we need to understand what exactly people are searching for when it comes to your service. Once we have identified those target keywords then we can start tracking and implementing

Rank Tracking

Tracking what position you are ranked when someone searches for your service allows you to see your baseline and measure the result of the SEO strategy.

Google Analytics

We track all traffic with Google Analytics for full transparency. You will be able to measure the increase in traffic we bring to your website.

Link Building

Building links from high authority websites in the industry is a key factor to the strategy. Specializing in contractors, we have built several relevant website relationships giving us a leg up.

Content Creation

Creating optimized content for the keywords that people are searching relevant to your service is key.

Local SEO

Local SEO focuses on getting your Google My Business ranked on the top of the map so when locals search your service you are the first option bringing in most of the traffic.