SEO for Construction

SEO for Construction

SEO for construction is a vital step in your website’s growth. Losing out to your competitors can cost you thousands of dollars in lost potential revenue if you aren’t careful. Construction is one of the most important business sectors in this country and every day thousands of construction companies are looking for ways to increase their online presence. 

Let’s focus on SEO for construction, which is an online marketing strategy that reduces competition, increases site traffic, boosts conversion rates and increases sales through content marketing.

On-Site SEO Strategies

Onsite SEO refers to everything you do on your website to make it search engine friendly. These are the main components of on-site optimization and how you can implement them on your site.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords could be any combination of words or phrases.

The key to successful SEO for construction companies is choosing the right keywords and implementing them. Keyword research is essential before optimizing your site and creating content.

This research will allow you to identify the most searched terms and phrases related to your topic. These words and phrases will be important to incorporate into your website’s technical aspects and content creation.

These keywords can help you drive more traffic to the site by attracting search engines’ attention.

Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Alt Tag

These three elements are crucial in order for search engines to be able find your site and content. These areas should also be filled with keywords.

  • Title tag – title tags are HTML used to identify your page’s title. These titles will be displayed on SERP pages and are the clickable headline for that page. These titles shouldn’t be long and should include your primary keyword.
  • Meta description – This is another HTML element. These descriptions will appear in the search results as the page or article description. To entice people to click on your content, you will need to include your keyword in the description. A good meta description can increase click rates. Google prefers meta descriptions between 180 and 230 characters. Your description will not be displayed on the screen preview if it is longer than this.

Alt tags – These tags describe visual elements that can be used to aid the visually impaired. While it’s helpful to include your keyword in the description, it is not necessary. However, it is important to give a visual description

Off-Site SEO Strategies

On-site SEO Strategies can be used to improve the rank of your website. Off-site strategies are things you do to boost your profile, but don’t include your website.

This is different than the keyword research or other methods you use to boost your site, but these steps are equally important in boosting your online reputation as well as driving traffic to your website.

Google My Business

Google My Business helps businesses manage their online reputations, and customers can find the right businesses by using the tools provided by Google.

A business’ first step is to create a Google Business Listing.

After you’ve completed this, you can use Google to complete any details. This service is free and allows companies to interact with customers online. It also helps them manage their online reputations. Google advisors will give you tips on how to get more attention to your listing. They recommend adding pictures.

Companies with photos have more visitors and contacts than a company without pictures in their Google Business Listing.

Listing of Businesses

There are several business listings that can be claimed on Google and other websites. You can claim your listing to ensure that the company information is correct.

You can verify your business name, address and phone number as well as your website address. This information can be used to help customers contact you or visit your physical location.


Google and other websites allow customers to leave reviews about a business, such as their experience with the company, and what they think of the product.

It’s important to respond to every review, positive and negative. You can also address customer concerns.

If a customer posts incorrect information, there is an opportunity to correct it.

Online Review Sites (Yelp, etc.)

Customers can also leave feedback on your company outside of Google and your website. Places like Yelp, Angie’s List, etc. These are just some of the many websites where customers can share their opinions about your business. You should have an active account for every website that allows customers to leave reviews about your business.

Thank people for leaving positive feedback and countering any negative reviews.

How to Use Content Marketing as Part of Your SEO Strategy

Many people don’t realize the importance of content in an SEO strategy. Not everyone understands the importance of content beyond what is written on a page. Content is more than words on the page.

These are just a few ways content marketing can help you boost your SEO for construction companies.

  • Make the most of video. This medium can be used to show off many of the things you do. Show off your best tools for completing a task. Show how your team completed a project. There are many ways to use video to demonstrate your skills in construction.
  • Show before and after photos of a project. You can also use photos to tell a step-by-step story about how you completed a task. It is important to show your capabilities and why you are a better choice.
  • For construction SEO, a blog is essential. It is important that people consider you a reliable source of information. You can do this by creating a blog. Your blog can be used to share the latest information and tips as well as news relevant to the construction industry. This will allow you to gain authority for your business.

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