Marketing for Remodeling Companies

Marketing for Remodeling Companies

You could spend hours searching online for marketing solutions, only to find yourself in a worse place than you were when you started. Trust me, I’ve been there. This blog post will provide a simplified, but effective list of marketing strategies for home remodeling companies. Our advice: keep it simple. If you are good at these, you can expand your marketing to other areas if necessary.

Marketing List for Remodeling Companies 

High Quality Website

As a contractor, your website is the most important online marketing tool you have. Don’t forget it! For small updates and changes, it should be checked monthly. It should also be reviewed annually for more extensive refreshes. 

Traffic to your site should be driven as much as possible. This is your online storefront. Keep the design simple and modern. You want visitors to feel welcome and excited to visit your place.

Your website is the one thing that will remain constant no matter how popular social media platforms become or fall in popularity. Your website should contain the majority of your social media content, including photos, blogs, pages and news areas.

Keep in mind that once a social media platform stops functioning, all of the content you have worked so hard to curate will also cease to be relevant.

An Updated Blog

Blogs are a big part of our lives. They can be time-consuming and arduous. But they are, however, an investment in your company.

Google and other search engines index keywords. This means that future clients will be able to find you online more easily. Trust me, Google LOVES written content.

Your blog will be there forever. Your archive of blogs will be available for future clients to read to learn more about you and to help them scope out your business. That can be a great way for potential clients to see the details of your projects. You also want potential clients to relate to stories about your home or kitchen remodels. This will allow them to feel closer to you.

Social Media Accounts

Let’s discuss social media. This is the hottest topic in marketing these days.

Nearly every business should use social media for marketing. But here’s the catch: You don’t have to be on every social media platform. You should choose the ones that are most beneficial to your business. 

An E-News & Direct Mail Plan

Referrals are a great source of leads, so you will need to keep in touch with your past clients. Who doesn’t want to get more referrals as a remodeler? This is why it’s so important to reach out to everyone yearly, whether by phone or email.

If this is not possible, you can send an e-newsletter and direct mailer. Many of my remodeling clients do both. This ensures that they reach everyone on their lists in some way or other with consistency.

You don’t want your clients to forget you.

You can choose to send direct mail if it makes more sense for your target market or do both. Send at most 2 to 3 direct mail pieces per year. Direct mail pieces that are consistent in style and theme will be the best.

Community Involvement

Volunteering or sponsoring your local community is a way to give back to the area you and your clients call home. They support you; you support them. It’s as simple as that.

Take photos to show your involvement on social media and to promote your blog. Don’t forget to thank the organizations that you partnered with for allowing you to help them. Tag them in your posts and get to know them.

Every bit of awareness that you can bring to an organization, regardless of whether it’s a school or a sport, is greatly appreciated.

Good Photos

Professional photography is essential in the remodeling and home-building industries. Photos are what grab the attention of readers and make them want to read your words. It is important to plan for maximum use of your photos. You can use them on your blog, website, printed materials, and social media. Some of the same photos I used from a shoot three years ago are still in use today!

Last Marketing Tip for Remodeling Companies

Consistent marketing is key to a strong brand. We hope you find our list helpful and that it helps you feel more confident in focusing your efforts on the best marketing strategies for your remodeling company. 

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