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How to Generate Leads for Home Improvement Business

You need to generate leads for your home improvement business and they must be good. So how can you market to and draw the right customers without wasting your time (and marketing budget) on exposure that doesn’t work out? Smarter marketing is better than more marketing. This guide will help you reach the right people and get more business.

Be Specific About What You Do

You can technically do all things, but should you? It’s tempting for contractors to attempt to do everything. But it is possible to get more work if you focus on fewer projects. You don’t have to be the “we do it all” contractor. Instead, focus on the projects that you are most passionate about. You can market yourself as a professional in new home building, a specialist on specific roof types, or the “go-to” business for specific types of renovations. You can narrow your scope and offer more options. Customers prefer experts who specialize in the things they need, rather than generalists who claim they can do everything.

Use Online Advertising to Reach the Right People

After you have crafted your message, use Google Ads for your targeted audience. Google is a great option for homeowners looking for help with a particular project. You should target keywords that combine your specialization (such as roof repair or painting) and the geographic areas you serve. To reach the right audience, you can limit who sees your ads and limit it to certain zip codes or cities. 

Optimize Your Website, and Google Maps Listing

What are people looking for when they search online for your services? Are they searching for roof repair in Tampa? An optimized website is a must for these search terms and appears in local Google Maps searches. People will often go straight to Google Maps when they are searching for local businesses. You can control how your business appears online using Google My Business.

Automate Your Marketing

Once you have enough customers and leads, you will want to find a way to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. While email and phone can be used to reach customers more personally, you can automate much of your marketing using services such as MailChimp or ConstantContact.

Spread the Word to Generate More Leads for Your Home Improvement Business

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising: satisfied customers will happily refer you to their friends, family, and neighbors. Although you cannot “buy” word-of-mouth the same way as other advertising, you can make an investment in it by doing great work every day. Your reputation is your greatest recommendation. You can reward customers who refer you by giving them a gift or credit toward their next home improvement project.

Ask Your Customers to Give Feedback After You Have Completed a Job

You can use your customers’ constructive feedback to improve your services and to highlight great reviews in order to attract new clients. You can simply ask for feedback by sending an email or completing a short form. Or encourage customers to leave reviews on sites such as Yelp and Google. In addition to that, highlight positive reviews that you have already received. 

Hire a Digital Marketing Expert

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