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Tips to Get Quality Home Remodeling Leads

A steady stream of unique home remodeling leads every month is the key to a successful contracting business. Once you have this down, you will be able to get more estimates, take on more jobs, and have enough cash flow for your home improvement team to grow as big as you want.

This is obviously a difficult task. However, it doesn’t make it impossible.

This post will show you 10 proven ways to find home improvement leads. It will help you spend less time working for clients and more time booking lucrative jobs.

10 Methods to Get Qualified Leads for Home Remodeling

Remodeling leads won’t just show up knocking on your door. It is important to provide them with reasons to stop by. This list of lead-generation strategies incorporates a mixture of offline and online strategies that can create steady prospects for the home renovation business.

Rank Your Website on Google Maps

Getting your website ranked on Google Maps. To be eligible, you must claim and then complete the details of your Google My Business profile. Make sure you include as much detail as you can and don’t leave any space blank. Upload images of your business as well as your job, and share them with the Google My Business profile regularly.

Create Profiles on Industry-Specific Review Websites

Every sector is subject to its own reviews websites, and the home renovation business is no different. One of the most effective ways to make your business more visible online is to establish profiles on every review site. Each profile is an effective magnet for top-quality remodeling leads. The reason is that reviews offer prospective customers a real-world view of your company and the work you do.

Improve Conversion Rates Using the Help of Remodeling Programs

Design photos of realistic design concepts for homes to present to potential customers. If they view a real-looking representation of the work, you’d perform for them. They can envision their own home similar to this. This can create a strong emotional bond to the project and your offerings. This is about as effective as a strategy to convert customers.

Create Profiles for Industry Lead Generation Sites

It’s essential to have an account on every website that is relevant to home remodeling. Check out the following lead-generation sites and review sites:

  • HomeAdvisor
  • BuildZoom
  • Porch
  • The Blue Book
  • ConstructConnect
  • Houzz
Collect and Publish Positive Reviews

We’ve previously discussed ranking your website in Google Maps and creating profiles on websites that review industry products. However, there’s an additional method to follow that connects the two strategies together. You need to collect all of your reviews and add them to your website, your existing review site profiles, and your social media profiles.

Create a Google Ads Campaign

Traditional advertising on billboards, TV, magazines, and newspapers is expensive for small business owners. It’s the reason why many home improvement companies opt for online advertisements for remodeling homes. The most efficient platform for online advertisements can be found in Google Ads.

Join Forces With Other Local Businesses

One way in which some businesses are getting through is by joining forces with other local businesses.

Collaboration helps small businesses compete with larger brands by combining knowledge, consumer reach and technology. Both small businesses will thrive as a result of their combined efforts to help one another.

Promote Successful Projects on Social Media

The majority of people are online on social media, and they are awestruck by quality photos. So, provide them with the content they desire by posting pictures, 3D renderings as well as footage of your great projects.

Provide Free Quotes

“Free” is among the most powerful phrases in the English language. People love receiving things for free. So why not provide free quotes on home remodeling? Making it clear that you provide no-cost quotes will make it less likely contemplating working with you may get in touch with you.

Provide Referral Rewards

You shouldn’t build your entire business entirely on referrals, but you will definitely get good home remodeling leads from referrals. One way to gain more referrals is to provide incentives to refer people.

What Matters Most

There you go!

These are the ten best ways to find home remodeling leads. They were developed based on our experiences as a contractor marketing agency and feedback from our contracting customers.

Our Playbook is a combination of short-term and long-term marketing channels that creates the ideal online marketing strategy. It has been proven to increase our clients’ ROI.

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