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Why Is CRM Management Important For Your Business?

Customers are picky in today’s highly competitive marketplace. With so many products and options, customer loyalty seems to have disappeared. It takes just a few months for a product or service to become a commodity. Contrary to what you may think, all customers are not created equal. Some customers are a drain to customer support even though they spend very little. Customers who do business often, buy new products and services frequently and can even influence their market may be customers that do business regularly. These cases are where CRM is useful in helping to prioritize sales and marketing efforts with different customer groups. This gives companies an opportunity to better understand customer needs and wants to enhance the product portfolio. Your offer will be more accurate the more information you have about your customers and their buying habits. Understanding your customers is crucial to your business’ growth. Let us show you how Contractor Marketing Gurus helps you use data to identify growth opportunities in your existing customer base using a custom build CRM.

What Even Is CRM Management?

Any sized business that’s ran at a high level uses a system. Being able to keep track of the pulse of your business helps business owners make better decisions. Without it, it’s hard to see which marketing source is getting you the highest ROI or who needs to be followed up with and when. Systems ease the process of decision making and simplifies the process of delivering the services you’re selling. Businesses want access to client data in real time, with mobile and cloud solutions leading helping connect everyone. And having someone setup and manage everything for you is what we do so your team can actually use a system and do it effectively!

What Encompasses CRM Management?

There are six aspects to a CRM Management. It starts with breaking down your current business into categories of people and steps in the sales process. Once we translate your current process online, we setup all aspects of the custom build CRM for you and even upload your contacts. Then we help you use it for your business and onboard your team to help them understand how to use the platform!

Pipeline Setup

Ensuring everyone follows the same process for leads is key for accountability and scaling your business.

Text, Email, Call Setup

We’ll setup texting, calling and email for you so that you just have to worry about using those tools. That includes automated drip campaigns too!

Reporting Setup

Being able to see stats on your business with a few clicks will help you understand what is happening within your business.

Uploading and Organizing Contacts

We’ll upload and help organize your contacts and ensure they match the pipeline we created. If not we can always make changes to fit your business!

Integrations & Automations Setup

Having your crm work for you by automatically adding leads and moving people around saves you hours of working and mind space

Using Mobile CRM

Research shows that, on average, 65% of salespeople who adopt mobile CRM meet their sales quotas. Only 22% of salespeople who don’t leverage mobile CRM meet their quotas.