Best Contractor Lead Service

Best Contractor Lead Service

Looking for the best contractor lead service for your home improvement company? Tired of wasting your time and money on bad leads? While technology and the times may have changed, the marketing goal of meeting your audience has not. Today, that audience is online. Every month, thousands of people are searching for products and services in your industry. Here are The Contractor Marketing Guru‘s proven combined marketing strategies to bring your company the best long-term, quality, cost-effective lead service.

Local Search Engine Results 

Our first long-term strategy to increase your lead generation is to increase your home improvement company’s ranked keywords on Google. Starting home improvement SEO locally, we will conduct keyword research on what people are searching for in your industry. Local search results should make it easy for residents to find your company. The top three search results on Google are where the customers should find you for keywords in your expertise.  The best contractor lead service will provide you with highly searched local keyword research and a plan on how to rank you number one on Google for them.

​​Social Media Lead Generation

Nearly half of the world’s population is on social media. This translates to over 3 billion users around the globe. Social media is a powerful channel for reaching large audiences and driving lead generation. Facebook and Instagram ads suggest your ad to users based on their preferences, search history, location, and interests.  

You can also use social media to interact directly with customers. This increases engagement and allows for a two-way discussion. Social media is a great marketing tool because it allows you to take an interest in your customers’ feedback and create a community around your brand. There are other benefits:

  • Affective social media ad targeting
  • Increase calls
  • Increase social media presence
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Share contenting
  • Organic web traffic 
  • Increase brand loyalty

The best contractor lead service will run extensive social media ads to ensure you receive a higher social media lead generation. Trusting your brand and finding your information valuable is one of the reasons people follow you on social networks. With social media ads, social media management, and sharing valuable content you will see your leads increase exponentially.

CRM Setup and Management

(Customer Relationship Management)

Keep track of your leads with The Contractor Marketing Guru’s CRM setup and management. What is a CRM system? Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is a technology that allows you to manage all of your company’s interactions and relationships with customers and potential clients. It’s simple: To improve business relationships. CRM systems help companies keep in touch with customers, streamline their processes and increase profitability. It is an attachment to your website that connects all your departments from sales to marketing and customer service and organizes their activities, metrics, and leads into one system.

Each user has direct, easy access to all the client data in real time. This allows businesses to offer their customers something extraordinary: personalized, one-on-one customer engagement. This technology can revolutionize how you interact with customers. Cloud-based CRM software is scalable and can grow with your company. This means that any company, regardless of size, can benefit from a CRM system based on these technologies. 39% of companies who have integrated CRM platforms see their data as a competitive advantage and a strategic asset. Most home improvement companies experience a significant increase in leads, sales revenue, customer retention, and other benefits from a CRM system.

What Makes Us the Best Home Improvement Lead Generation Service?

Marketing is all about getting your message across to the right customers. It is important to choose a company that will listen and cares about your needs. We know the language, and what people are looking for and can help you gain more customers and quality leads.  We know what is happening in the industry and we know how to boost your business through our home builder SEO services. 

By using our tested digital marketing strategies, We partner with contractors to help them define their brand, reach new and existing customers, improve their online visibility, and place higher in local searches. Every client gets a custom home improvement marketing strategy. Through our knowledge of branding, website usability, citation development, and marketing we empower our clients to be selected. The best contractor lead service knows about your business, goals, and industry. We are here to support your business to help you build a better online presence and generate long-lasting quality leads.

Contact The Contractor Marketing Gurus Today: Increase Leads, Visibility, and Revenue

The Contractor Marketing Gurus was founded to help contractors in the home-improvement industry increase their online visibility, increase revenue, and generate more leads. Over the past 8 years, we have been able to increase our client’s revenues by using full transparency and measuring results. We have learned a lot over the years from working in the contractor marketing industry to develop our productized service. The Playbook is a combination of short-term and long-term marketing channels that creates the ideal online marketing strategy. It has been proven to increase our clients’ ROI.


Services Offered in Our Playbook:

We have client testimonials and case studies to back up our claims that we are the best in the contractor lead generation industry. The Contractor Marketing Gurus will help you connect with potential clients who are searching for the products and services that you offer. We identify your audience, design and create attractive posts, run advertisements and campaigns, and generate interest in your potential clients. Contact The Contractor Marketing Gurus today to learn how to improve your company’s lead generation!