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Contractor Marketing Gurus was formed out of downtown St. Petersburg, FL to help contractors in the home improvement space increase their online visibility to generate more leads and sales. Using full transparency and measureable results we have successfully increased our clients revenue over the last 8 years. Over the years in the contracting space we have learned what works and what does not to create our productized service, The Playbook. The Playbook combines long term and short term marketing channels to create the perfect online marketing strategy that has proven to multiply our clients ROI.

Our Services

The Playbook

A brief look into The Playbook and the different aspects that encompass both long term and short term strategies!

Website Design

We build websites that are not only responsive and modern to reflect the quality of your service, but that are also optimized for lead and sales conversion. Strategically placed call to actions increase a websites conversion by 45%!

Social Media Management

We don’t chase likes or followers. Social media marketing services for businesses are focused on building relationships, creating value and leaving a lasting impression. This will help us build an engaged audience who enjoys your posts.

Social Media Lead Generation

Social media advertising focuses on getting the best results and highest ROI for your ads with the right messaging, targeting, and lead flow. That way you have a steady stream of leads to grow your business upon for the foreseeable future!


80% of your potential customers scroll past these ads and make buying decisions on the map or underneath the map. Google maps and these organic results underneath are crucial for attracting customers who are already looking for your service but do not have a contractor in mind.

Custom CRM Build Out

Businesses that leverage CRM software see sales increase by 29%, sales productivity increase by 34%, and sales forecast accuracy increase by 42%. Our custom built CRM specialized for contractors will automate several aspects of the sales cycle so you can focus on growth!

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Why Our Clients Love Us!

Full Transparency

There is a reason we do not do 6 or 12 month contracts. We are very transparent in our strategy with 24/7 client dashboard access to see the continuous progress. The biggest issue that most see is lack of transparency in the numbers, results, and reporting. Every month we do a reporting call where your dedicated account manager will walk you through the entire month so you are always in the loop.

Backed By Results

Over the last 8 years of working with contractors we have been able to turn 100% of our campaigns into case studies. If you are not sure, we can provide you with case studies, testimonials, and real client references. Whether deciding to work with us or anything else, this is very important to take into consideration when make the best decision for your company. 

Cover All Grounds

Most companies provide a short term strategy or long term. Or they may only cover one platform such as social media. The Gurus cover both short and long term strategies. This allows us to see immediate results in the short run while the long term strategies kick in to continue seeing constant growth! In addition, we cover multiple platforms such as Google, social media, directories, etc.


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